How To Import VLAN Tags


VLAN Tags (VLANs) allow operators to import or create VLANs on an infrastructure level and assign them to Plans or Companies. Admins can import external VLANs in OfficeRnD from a .CSV spreadsheet file with a list of VLAN IDs and Names. Both can be obtained from the software used to manage the infrastructure.

How It Works

1. Click here to download the .CSV spreadsheet template file.

2. Using a spreadsheet editor, fill in the VLAN IDs and VLAN Names in their respective columns and save the file.

3. In OfficeRnD, navigate to Settings/Imports/VLANs and click on the Upload .CSV button.


4. Select the .CSV file and upload it.

After a successful import, the imported tags should become visible under the VLANs tab of the IronWiFi integration settings.

Note: If an incorrect VLAN (one that does not exist on an infrastructure level) is passed to IronWiFi and the vendor’s system, the traffic of the users won’t be tagged.


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