Hybrid Workplaces Integration FAQ

As employees are returning to the office in new and different ways, we know that there is an enormous opportunity for hybrid working inside coworking spaces! Newer workplace demands are emerging for the hybrid workforce and members want to work in different ways.

To solve this problem we are integrating our Hybrid Work Platform directly into OfficeRnD Flex. The Hybrid Workplaces Integration allows operators to give your member companies modern and easy-to-use booking tools for coordinating hybrid schedules and improving member collaboration. Members can book desks and meeting rooms, plan work schedules, and invite teammates, all from within the same portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain more about how the OfficeRnD Flex and OfficeRnD Hybrid integration works?

The Hybrid Workplaces Integration allows operators of coworking spaces to provide their members with a seamless hybrid office experience by managing both their coworking and hybrid workplace needs in one system. Thanks to this integration, operators can provide a complete workplace experience to their members where they can book desks from the Hybrid Office page, book private Meeting Rooms and Phone booths within their office space from the Members Portal, sync employee details, and utilize the collaboration and scheduling features that the platforms provide.

Is the Hybrid Workplaces Integration free?

You can enable and test the integration with example content and settings completely free of charge. For member companies, you will be charged 1 EUR/USD/GBP per Active member.

How should I Introduce this hybrid functionality to my members?

The Hybrid Workplaces Integration allows member companies to work more efficiently inside of their private offices and can provide valuable workplace analytics to teams.

What would be a good example of a company in my space that should use the Hybrid Workplaces Integration?

An example of a company that might use the Hybrid Workplaces Integration is a member company that only has an 8-person private office but has a team size of 16. This company does not need 16 seats because their employees are working in a hybrid fashion, and only come into the office certain days of the week. The Hybrid Workplaces Integration allows member companies to manage their private office in a better way and schedule their workplace and workday more efficiently.

How are members created (provisioned) in OfficeRnD Hybrid Workplaces?

Members will be synced from the Flex member company that the operators select. Whenever a new member is created, it will be automatically synced and gain access.

How do members log in (authenticate) to OfficeRnD Hybrid Workplaces?

Members can simply log in with their credentials.

What types of hybrid workplace management features are included in the Hybrid Workplaces integration?

The Hybrid Workplaces Integration offers your members fundamental hybrid workplace functionalities such as:

  • Office Floor plan with Desk Reservation and Booking Capabilities
  • Filtering by amenities and capacity
  • Schedule page with Weekly Planning, Office Occupancy, Onsite Meetings
  • Add Favorite colleagues
  • Send Custom invites to teammates
  • Quick booking
  • In the Admin Portal, the member companies can also set up the following:
  • Set up their office map, add desks and spaces
  • Track resource utilization and office presence
  • Connect to additional integrations

What kind of customization are members able to do in their hybrid office?

From the Admin platform, select member companies are able to:

  • Upload a new office map, add desks and spaces on it
  • Add booking policies and amenities
  • Connect communication and calendar integrations

Is the Hybrid Workplaces integration available in the mobile app?

Yes, the Hybrid functionality is available.

What is the cost of Hybrid Workplaces Integration?

The cost for this integration is tied to the number of members using it to manage their flexible offices, and we are charging 1 USD/GBP/EUR per active member/month. Operators are able to choose specifically which member companies to enable the integration for so they can:

  • Control the cost associated with rolling out this additional digital service to their customers.
  • Ensure a smooth roll-out plan by being able to phase out the release of the new service.

Why is this solution paid at all?

With the Hybrid Workplaces integration, our team has delivered the full OfficeRnD Hybrid product experience to member companies that want to use hybrid working. The solution for members has an additional cost because we have to cover the expenses to develop further and improve the OfficeRnD Hybrid product as well as to maintain the integration.

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