OfficeRnD Hybrid Work App


The free Hybrid Work app offers essential booking and team collaboration features for Hybrid employees on the go.

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Open the Hybrid Work app, enter your work email, and tap Continue.



The Dashboard view provides the following information at a glance:

1. Work Location - Choose your work location.

2. Inbox - Enter your inbox containing messages sent from your workplace.

3. Profile icon - Tap to get to the logout button.

4. My Schedule - View and change your daily booking schedule.

5. In The Office - See who's currently working from the office.

6. Announcements (scroll down) - A feed with the latest announcements from your workplace.



The Schedule view lets you book desks (or other resources) each day. You can also Edit and Cancel the bookings you made. You can also change your work status to Off Work if you are not attending.

Note: Editing is unavailable for bookings that have already started.

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Office Map

The Office Map view lets you:

  • Pan & zoom the office map of your workplace.
  • Book available desks by tapping on them.
  • Filter the office space by start, duration, floor (if your location has multiple floors), and chosen amenities.
  • See who's in.

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The Directory view lets you browse members of the organization and your teammates. You can search by name and filter the directory by job title.


Show All

Tap this button to see the rest of the available views, such as Account, How-to Guides, Parking spots, and so on. Some of these views are defined by your organization, so yours might look different.


You will receive an email and Push Notification in the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work app for guests' arrival.
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