Dedicated Desks & Work Statuses For Admins


Dedicated Desks in Hybrid are desks assigned to employees for regular/long-term use. Hot Desks, the other desk resource type, are bookable instead.

The assignee’s initials or photo appear on their dedicated desk in the Floorplan designer. Mouse-hover and a tooltip appears with their full name. Their full name is also shown in the Resource sidebar.

While bookable Hot Desks are essential for flex work, Dedicated Desks are better suited for workplace management. Instead of booking desks, employees can simply check-in (i.e. indicate they are on-site) and take their assigned desks while admins can implement workplace policies and track analytics such as on-site presence and desk utilization.

Booking Permissions

  • Only Team Leads are able to make "On Behalf Of" bookings in the Web Portal (including the Office Map).
  • Regular Team Leads (who are not Admins) are not able to book dedicated desks that are assigned to others.
  • Regular Admins (who are not also Team Leads) can only make "On Behalf Of" bookings via the Admin Portal. They do not have the ability to make "On Behalf Of" permissions in the Web Portal.
  • Admins who also have Team Lead permissions can do all of the above - they can make "On Behalf Of" bookings for both Hotdesks and Dedicated Desks.


Create Dedicated Desks

Hybrid Admins can create dedicated desks by placing them on the floor plan.

1. Navigate to Workplace/Locations and open a floor plan.


2. Click on Add Desk, choose Dedicated desk, and click on the office map to place desks.

dedicated desk.png

The changes will be saved automatically. To stop placing desks, click on the Selection button: select.png

Edit Desks

Admins can edit dedicated desks in three ways:

1. Open the floor plan, click on a dedicated desk, and choose Edit desk.

edit desk.png

2. Navigate to Workplace/Resources (1) and open the Dedicated desk tab (2). Once there, click on a desk (3).


3. Navigate to People/Employees (1) and open an employee profile (2).


In the Assigned Desks section, click on the cogwheel and choose Edit.


The Edit Dedicated desk window opens with the following options:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Neighborhood
  • Available From
  • Amenities
  • Booking Policy
  • Assign To


Booking Policy

Dedicated Desks can only be booked by the assigned employee or by Admins. In addition, Admins can set up a booking policy that requires employees to check-in via the following channels:

Any booking policies that are irrelevant to dedicated desks (i.e. booking-related) would be ignored when applied to dedicated desks, except Require Check-in.

Workplace Policies are applicable to all dedicated desks.

Assign Or Unassign Dedicated Desks

Dedicated Desks can be assigned or unassigned to employees from:

1. The floorplan. Click on a dedicated desk and choose Edit assignment or Unassign.
edit desk ass.png

2. The Edit Dedicated desk window, which can be accessed in the three ways described above.

Employees & Work Statuses

Dedicated desk users do not need to book or cancel their desks. They can set their work status for each work day - In Office or Remote (Home or Other location) - from the Web Portal, MS Teams, the Hybrid Work app, or Slack. 


When employees are scheduled to work In Office and a Check-in required policy is applied, they must check-in before work via the channels listed above.


Default Status (Remote / In Office)

Dedicated desk users' work status is Remote by default (similar to hotdesk users). If you want to change the default status to In Office, Admins and Team Leads can create long-term recurring bookings for dedicated desks on behalf of employees:

1. From the Admin Platform - Learn how. Note that this approach allows you to create recurring bookings without an end date.

2. From the Office Map in the Web Portal and Hybrid Work app - Learn how.

Admins can create bookings from the Admin Portal, Web Portal, and mobile app. Team Leads can create bookings from the Web Portal and mobile app only.

Tip: If a dedicated desk user doesn't need their desk for a given period (i.e. holiday, traveling on business), Admins are able to book their desk on behalf of other users via the Admin Portal or Office Map.

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