Mobile Wi-Fi Automatic Check-ins for Admins


With this cutting-edge capability, users no longer need to take any action when they have to check-in. They will automatically check-in for their booking when they walk in. With this seamless process, checking in becomes hassle-free and entirely automatic. 

The feature can be used only by customers who have downloaded the OfficernD Hybrid Work mobile application.
Wi-Fi check-in is not meant to be the sole check-in system in your organization. We advise a multi-channel check-in approach to ease employees. Here's a list of additional check-in methods.


Setting Up

Step 1: Location Setup

An OfficeRnD administrator adds one or multiple public IP addresses with a specific location. These IP addresses represent the location's connection to the outside internet when users are connected to its Wi-Fi network.

This can be done from Location/Edit/Automatic Check-ins tab. Enable the Allow Automatic Check-in toggle.

Note: You must enable Require Check-ins in your booking policy to use this feature. Click to learn more.

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Step 2: User Connectivity

The employee needs to be connected to the company WiFi and have the latest version of the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work app installed and running in the background (simply do not swipe the app closed from the stack in Android/iOS).

Step 3: Automatic Check-In

Our system verifies if the incoming IP address from the mobile app matches any of the locations added by the administrator. When a match is found, a check-in is made for all bookings with an open check-in time window.

Note: Check-ins are executed once daily.

Step 4: User Notification

Users will receive a push notification to their phone, updating them about the successful check-in for all resources with an open check-in window:


If needed, notifications can be stopped by disabling the check-in notification from your profile in the Web Portal.

What are the requirements for the location's IP address?

  • The location's IP address should be the one you obtain when connected to its Wi-Fi. To find it easily, connect to the location's Wi-Fi and visit Administrators should also check with their IT department to confirm if there are any additional possible IPs (such as backup connections or ranges) that need consideration.
  • The location's IP address should be publicly routable. Private addresses like or are not suitable.
  • The IP address should be static, which is typical for business internet connections. Dynamic IPs may be usable, but administrators need to keep track of changes and update them in Hybrid.
  • The IP address should not be one that employees can access from home via VPNs on their phones. Otherwise, false-positive automatic check-ins might occur.
  • CIDR ranges are acceptable, with a limit of /16 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6.
  • A maximum of 25 distinct ranges/IPs are allowed per location.

Additional Rules

There are some specifics for Wi-Fi check-ins:

1. If the booking is created when the check-in window was open, it will be automatically checked in, so the user will not see the checkin prompt.

2. The member needs to be connected to the company Wi-Fi with subnet mask configured in the admin. Once connected to it, the IP address assigned to the device should match the mask in the setting.

3. The Hybrid mobile app needs to be running in the background. If it was not started, a request will not be sent and the check-in won't register

4. If the member is connected to the Wi-Fi network before the checkin window has started, this will not trigger check-in even when the check-in window has started.

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