Issue Stripe Refunds from OfficeRnD Flex


Charges made with Stripe can be Refunded from Flex or have their status changed to Refunded. You can also record refunds via credit notes. This article will explain how to issue Stripe refunds from Flex.


Issue a Refund From Flex

Users with the necessary permissions can initiate a refund of a Stripe charge directly from Flex. There is no need to refund charges from the Stripe Dashboard.

This will work only for charges made with our integration. It doesn't work for synced Stripe charges from Xero or QB.


Only Owners, Admins, and Custom roles with permission Billing > Charges > Refund Charge can make refunds. The permission can be seen below. Learn more about custom roles and permissions.


Step-By-Step Guide

1. To find invoices paid via Stripe, use the Payment Method filter and select the desired Stripe payment method (e.g. Stripe card):

Filters - paym.png

Stripe card pay method.png

2. Click on an invoice to open it. In the Payments section, click on the cogwheel next to the payment and choose Details:

Stripe details.png

  • Charges with status Pending might not have details. This is because there isn’t a charge created in Stripe yet. You can try again later.
  • Charges with status Failed might not have details. This happens when the charging fails before a charge is created in Stripe.

3. In the dialog that opens, click on Send Refund.

Note: The button is shown only to Owners and Custom roles with permission Billing > Charges > Refund.

send refund.png

4. Enter the relevant data in the fields and click on Refund. The Refund will be sent and the payment status will be automatically changed to Refunded.

Send refund 2.png

The Stripe refund process takes some time. The status of the charge in OfficeRnD will automatically change to Refund when it’s completed.

Change an Invoice Status to Refunded

This simply marks a Charge in OfficeRnD as Refunded but does not initiate a Refund.

  1. Refund the charge in Stripe.

  2. Open the invoice containing the charge in Flex and click on the cogwheel

  3. Choose Change status and select Refunded, or choose Delete. Both actions will mark the charge as Refunded.

Change or delete.png

Automatic Sync of Stripe Refunds to Flex

It's also possible to automatically sync the refunds made in Stripe to Flex. Note that this is enabled by default. If you want it disabled, please contact support.

  1. Refund a Charge in Stripe.

  2. As soon as the Charge has been marked as Refunded in Stripe, the Charge and its invoice will automatically be marked as Refunded in OfficeRnD.

How It Works

1. In Stripe, refund a charge as you do normally:


2. In Flex, open the invoice you refunded and look at its status under Payments. Before the refund, the status was Success. After Flex syncs the refund with Stripe, the status will change to Refunded.

image (2).png

Details Applicable to Refunds

  • If a Stripe Charge has been manually refunded in Flex, the sync will not record the refund twice or cause other duplicating.

  • When at least 1 Charge in an invoice has been Refunded (as there can be multiple Charges), the invoice also becomes Refunded.

  • Depending on the bank’s processing times, it could take 5-10 days for the refund to be received.

Partial Refunds

If the Stripe refund for a Charge is partial, the UI will not reflect the refund but it will be available via the API. This applies to a partial refund of 1 charge, i.e. the invoice was paid only via 1 payment.

If the invoice was paid in 2 charges and you refund only one of them, this will be reflected in the UI - i.e. charge 1 is marked as successful, charge 2 is marked as refunded, and the invoice is marked as refunded too.

Tips For Tracking

1. If you want to track charges and charge refund events, it's best to do this in Stripe.

2. If you want to track invoices, you can do this in OfficeRnD. An invoice that has a Stripe refund will have a Refunded status. Use the filters to list the invoices by this status. Open the invoice and check the details on the refund charge. Note that this won’t work with partial refunds from Stripe, as they don't change the invoice status.

filters status.png


Note: Stipe does not allow ACH/SEPA refunds made before more than 180 days:

If you try to do this Stripe shows the below error message in their dialogue:

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