Mobile Automatic Wi-Fi Check-ins FAQ for Employees

How long does it take for the Mobile Wi-Fi automatic check-in to occur?

The automatic check-in process typically happens within a few minutes.

I am only checked in when I wake up my phone or open the app. Why isn't it fully automatic?

1. Phones often prioritize background tasks to conserve battery life. If you haven't interacted with your phone (or the Hybrid Work app) for some time, the check-in may have occurred slightly later.

2. To ensure proper functionality, please make sure Background App Refresh for the Hybrid Work app on your iOS or Android device is enabled. It's usually enabled by default, but some users may have decided to turn it off.

  • For iOS, navigate to Settings/General/Background App Refresh, find the Hybrid Work app, and enable the feature.
  • On Android, the feature is called Allow Background data usage and it's usually found in your device's Settings/Connections/Data Usage/Mobile data usage menu. Once there, tap on the Hybrid Work app and enable Allow background data usage. If you cannot find the feature here, try the Search option in the Settings app.

I didn't get automatically checked in. What could be the reason?

  • Please allow sufficient time (at least an hour) for the servers to process the check-in.
  • Ensure your phone is connected to the location's Wi-Fi.
  • Check that your phone is not in low battery or battery-saving mode.
  • Verify that you are logged in to the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work mobile app.
  • Check the App Store or Google Play and confirm that the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work app is up-to-date.
  • On iOS, ensure Background App Refresh is enabled for the OfficeRnD Hybrid work app (it's usually enabled by default).
  • For Android users, check if your manufacturer is restricting the app's background activity.
  • Avoid swiping the app away or force-closing it, as it might impact the check-in process.
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN or proxy server on your phone.
  • While connected to office Wi-Fi, ensure that your phone's IP address matches the one configured by the admin (you can check your IP address at Contact your administrator for more information.

I don’t receive check-in notifications but I am automatically checked in. What's the reason?

  1. Make sure push notifications are enabled for the OfficeRnD Hybrid Work app (Android users typically have them enabled by default).
  2. Confirm that you've opted into check-in mobile notifications in your profile. This setting is usually enabled by default.
  3. If you're still not receiving push notifications for check-ins, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

How do I check-in for bookings made outside of the check-in window?

If onsite check-ins are not required, you are still able to check-in via any of the following methods (if enabled):

If on-site check-ins are required, these systems are usually used in combination with QR codes.

What if I don't want to install the app on my personal phone?

See above.

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