OfficeRnD Hybrid Support Service Plans

Our support specialists got you covered regardless of the type of your request! You can get in touch with us via chat, email, phone or request a remote Q&A session at any point.

Note: OfficeRnD currently only offers support in English.

Support Services Based on Subscription

Service Trial Free Start Professional Enterprise
Support Package Standard Standard Standard Ultimate Ultimate
Access to Documentation Portal and Resources
Email & Ticket Support
Chat Support
Priority Case Handling      
Q&A Support Sessions       1 hour/month 4 hours/month
Phone Support*        
Contact to upgrade your support plan.

First Response Time

The first response time reflects the average amount of time in which someone from our team will reach out to you to better understand your support request and provide you with information about the next steps we will take to resolve it.

Severity First Response Time
Standard Support Ultimate Support
Critical / SEV 1 4h 1h
Restricted Operations / SEV 2 24h 8h
Normal / SEV 3 24h 10h


Ticket Severity

You can set the severity of tickets when you submit them from within the OfficeRnD admin portal or from our Help Portal. The severity of a ticket can increase its priority in the support queue as it indicates the business impact of the issue on your end. 

Severity Description
Critical / SEV 1 A problem is preventing the platform from functioning normally and there is no workaround to enable you to continue executing your business operations.
Restricted Operations / SEV 2 A less severe problem that may restrict the usage of the platform but does not prevent it from operating.
Normal / SEV 3 Questions and feedback on the platform features and functionality.
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