Personal Day Passes


Personal day passes is an option to let operators sell individual day passes to members who want to purchase day passes independently from their company or team. Personal day passes can be used only by the particular person they are assigned to. Meanwhile, Shared day passes can be used by the entire organization.

Note: Personal Passes are always used before Shared Passes

Adding Personal Day Passes

Personal day passes can be added in the following ways:

  • From the company profile page - you can add add Shared day passes or select a particular member and add Personal passes for them.
  • The profile page of a company or individual member - you can add Personal day passes for the member.
  • By adding One-off fees and Memberships.

From the Company Profile page

1. Navigate to Community/Companies and open the company profile.

2. Click on the Add Day Passеs button.

comp day passes.png

The Add Day Pass dialog lets you switch between Personal and Shared Day Passes. The default setting is Shared. Select Personal, and the Select Member field will appear to let you choose the owner of the day pass. When you're finished, click Add.

add dp 1.png

From the Member’s Profile

1. Open the member's profile from the company page or Community/Members.

2. Click on the Add Day Pass button.

In the dialog that opens, the Personal option is chosen by default and the member is pre-selected.

add day pass 2.png

With One-off Fees

If a company or team member is on a plan with included day passes, you can add personal or shared day passes with the creation of a fee.

Open a company or member profile, scroll down to the One-off Fees section, and click on Add Fee:


When a Plan that supports Day Passes is selected, you can add day passes and choose if they will be created as Shared or Personal:

add fee 2.png

Note: When you are adding a fee to a company profile, Shared day passes are selected by default. To add personal passes, select the member to which the passes will be assigned, and then choose Personal.

Tip: You can add fees from an individual member’s profile as well. In this case, Personal day passes are selected by default.

With Memberships

If a plan with day passes is selected when adding a new Membership and:

  • A Member is selected - Admins are able to choose if the Day Passes provided by the plan are Shared or Personal (by default):

mmbr mmbr.png

  • A Member is not selected - the default setting is Shared and the Personal button is disabled until a member is selected.

Editing Memberships

  • When editing an invoiced membership - Flex does not allow switching the type of day passes.
  • When editing a non-invoiced membership - Flex will allow switching from Personal to Shared even if a member is selected.


Is it possible to edit personal day passes?

Currently, no.

What happens when changing the Company of a Member

  • Shared Day Passes remain in the profile of the existing Member’s team.
  • Personal Day Passes should transition along with the Member to the new team.

What happens when changing a Team Member to an Individual Member?

  • Shared Day Passes remain in the profile of the existing Member’s team.
  • Personal Day Passes should transition along with the Member to his new Individual profile.

What happens when Merging Companies?

  • Shared Day Passes from the merged Company will be added to the new one.
  • Personal Day Passes from the merged Company will be added along with the members of the new Company.

What If Day Passes have the same Start Date but a different End Date?

The following rules are in place:

  • Passes with the earlier end date will be used first.
  • Passes without an End Date are used last.
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