Meeting Services

  • This feature is available in our Professional and Enterprise plans. Click here to learn more.
  • Meeting services are not available for recurring bookings.


Hybrid's Meeting Services allow members to submit service requests (such as catering, room setup, A/V equipment, etc.) as part of their bookings. Service requests can be added to any type of booking. While they are most applicable for Meeting Rooms, they can also be used for Desks.


Who Can Do What?


In the Web Portal, users can request services from the New Booking modal when creating bookings.

new booking.png

They can also see a list of their requests, check their statuses, and add comments from the Profile/Service Requests page.


Once a request has been submitted, the userĀ cannot edit it. However, they can edit the booking and add comments to describe any changes they want to make:



Admins can navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Apps/Apps Pages tab and enable Service Requests to make them visible for members in the Web Portal.

If you want to restrict the availability of Meeting Services to a particular group of employees, but from different teams, create a new team and add it as a secondary team (learn more) to any of the allowed employees' profiles. Then, add new (or edit the existing) Meeting Services categories to make them available only for said team.


Admins can create and configure categories and services in Settings/Workplace Services. They can also review and fulfill submitted requests in Communication/Workplace Services.
tickets export.png

Tickets can be exported in .CSV spreadsheet file format from the Export button xport button.png .

Create Meeting Services Request Categories

Navigate to Settings/Workplace Services/Meeting Services tab. Here, you will see separate cards for each meeting services request category:

Cards in WP Services.png

You can edit the existing categories or create new ones through a simple 4-step process:

1. Name the category and add any special instructions.

cat details.png

2. Add and configure up to 5 fields to be completed when submitting a request for that category. Field
options include text, time (i.e. "Delivery time"), single, and multi-choice lists with the option to choose quantities per item (or let users choose).

step 2.png

3. Configure which Locations and resources offer this service, limit availability, and set who should be notified in the fields described below:

  • Available In: You can enter resource types (i.e. Meeting Rooms, Hotdesks) but no individual resources.
  • Available For: You can enter specific Teams or Everyone (all users) but not individual users.
  • Who should be notified: You can enter specific Admins but not Admin teams.

step 3.png

4. Review and click on Create Category to finish your setup.

step 4.png


  • You can create multiple Catering categories with their own fields and food items according to what's available in your offices.
  • When configuring a meeting services category, you can specify which Admins or Team should be notified for each category and Location. For example, Jim can be notified for catering requests in London, while Amy can be notified for catering requests in New York.

Review Meeting Services Requests

Admins can review and manage requests from Communication/Workplace Services in the admin portal. Each service category has a dedicated tab and requests can be filtered, edited, assigned, and status updated. A red badge next to the tab denotes how many new requests require action.



Use the Filters section to search and filter requests by Status, Booking Date, Assignee, Priority, and Requester:

Filters.png Click on a request to view the details and comments for it in a dedicated page:


Click on the Status button to change the request's status:

req statis.png

Use the drop-down menu to add or change an assignee:


Employee Privileges

Employees can:

  • Add multiple requests to the same booking.
  • Add comments which will be sent to the assignee handling the ticket.
  • Add requests when making the initial booking, or later by editing the booking. The latter will trigger a notification for the assignee so they can make the necessary changes to the service request.
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