Floorplan - Map & Visualise Office Accessories (First Aid, Printers, etc.)


The floorplan editor offers two options for office accessories such as printers, fire extinguishers, dog spots, first aid stations, etc.

1. Manually editing and uploading the floorplan image.

2. Creating a static resource with an emoji in the title e.g. First Aid . This is the more flexible solution. We'll illustrate it with some examples below.



  • Example 1 is a static custom resource type with an emoji included in the title i.e. First Aider ⛑️.
  • Example 2 has the same resource type assigned to an employee account called First Aider with a health aid sign as their profile picture (i.e. ). This adds visibility and offers additional options - such as creating a "team" of "office accessories" and assigning their employee accounts to the resources on the floorplan.


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