Set Workdays and Booking Restrictions per Location


OfficeRnD Flex enables each location to have unique business hours and booking restrictions, ensuring flexibility and independence for location-specific operations. This is enabled from the Business Hours tab in the location editor:

add loc 1.png

Key Features

Location-specific Timezone

By default, the timezone of a location picks up the global timezone setting configured in Settings/Platform Modules/Business Hours. However, admins can change it on a location level from the Business Hours tab.


Location-specific Business Hours

By default, business hours and booking restrictions are set at a global level in the organization's settings in Settings/Platform Modules/Business Hours. This default configuration is applied to all locations, ensuring a standardized approach across the organization:

bus hrs global.png

However, Administrators can review or customize the business hours and booking restrictions for specific locations using the Set Location-Specific Business Hours option in the Add/Edit Location modal:

  • They can leave the option disabled to view the global settings. To manage them, admins can click on Manage Global Settings.

    set loc spec.png
  • They can enable the option to use location-specific settings and tailor business hours and restrictions for individual locations.

    set loc spec 1.png

Note: The display of date/time values in the Location editor uses the Date/Time Culture set in Settings/Platform Modules/Calendar & Bookings.

date time culture.png

Restrict Bookings

Click here to learn more about the booking restrictions feature.

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