Book & Manage Company Cars / Carpooling


It is possible to use OfficeRnD Hybrid to book and manage company cars and carpooling. This article will explain how.

Note: This is a workaround so you have some leeway in terms of look and features.


  1. Create a spreadsheet
  2. Add a resource type
  3. Create a custom page for car bookings
  4. Add amenities
  5. Add location
  6. Map cars

Create a spreadsheet

1. Prepare a spreadsheet listing your cars with the details you need (such as type, model, car plate, location) in separate columns. Make sure to include a Status column and leave its rows empty.

Note: You can use emoji where applicable (i.e. to visualize the car type as Hybrid or Electric).

2. Take a screenshot of the spreadsheet and save it as an image file (such as .jpg or .png).

company cars.png

Add a resource type

Open the Admin Portal and navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Resource Types. There, add a new Resource Type called Car.

  • Choose the car icon from the Icon drop-down menu.
  • Type Car in the Type field.
  • Choose Desk from the Office Map resource drop-down menu.

When you're finished, click Add.

add rsrs type.png

Create a custom page for car bookings

1. Navigate to Settings/Advanced Settings/Employee Apps and open the Apps Pages tab.

2. Scroll down to the Custom Pages section and add a new custom page of type Calendar.

  • Choose the Order in which you want the page to appear in the Web Portal.
  • Enter an appropriate Title (i.e. Company cars / Carpooling)
  • Choose the Car icon from the Icon drop-down menu.
  • Choose Calendar from the Type drop-down menu.
  • Choose Car from the Resource Type drop-down menu.
  • Choose Office map from the Default View drop-down menu.

When you're finished, click Add.

add page.png

Add amenities

Navigate to Workplace/Amenities and add new amenities corresponding to the cars' details. Example: Create Electric and Hybrid amenities to distinguish vehicles by Type.

add amenity.png

These amenities will be used for filtering the list of company cars in the Web Portal.


Add location

1. Open the Hybrid Admin Portal and navigate to Workplace/Locations.

2. Add a new location called Company Cars / Carpooling (or anything you deem fit).

company cars 2.png

3. Click Add floor and:

  • Enter an appropriate name (e.g. Company cars / Carpooling)
  • Upload the screenshot you took of the spreedsheet as the office map.

When you're finished, click Add.

add floor.png

Map cars

1. Open the floor plan of the new location you created.

2. In the floor plan editor, click on Add Desk and choose Car.

car desk.png

3. Place each car in its row in the Status column.

4. Click on each car resource and choose Edit Car.

5. Select the amenities related to it, as well as any booking options specific to it. When you're finished, click Update.

edit car.png


Here's an example of what the Company cars / Carpooling page will look like when you're finished.


Clicking on a car to book it opens the New Booking dialog with Hybrid's regular booking options. Note the Description field, which lets members include a useful note - for example, where they'll leave the vehicle when they're finished.

new booking.png

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