When Should I Manually Add an Invoice

OfficeRnD can automatically invoice all one-off and membership fees on a monthly basis. If you're not a fan of the automatic operations, you can run the manual Bill Run once a month. 

In some cases, the system Bill Run is unable to detect a membership or a one-off fee and you need to manually invoice those. This article describes these scenarios.

IMPORTANT: When you manually issue an invoice, you need to send it yourself as the system can only automatically send invoices that were generated by the automated bill run.

When should I manually add an invoice for a membership?

When you enable the automated bill run in your OfficeRnD organization, you need to be mindful of the date it generates invoices. When you create a membership starting in an already invoiced billing period, you need to manually add an invoice for the first month(s). In such cases, the system notifies you through a warning in the Add Membership dialog.

NOTE: If OfficeRnD is configured to generate invoices a few days before the 1st, you sometimes might need to add a new membership between the invoice generation date and the 1st. In that case, since the system had already invoiced all memberships for the next month, you need to add an invoice that covers 2 months - the end of the current month and the next month. Make sure to change the invoiced period to 2 months when adding a new invoice for the member.

You would also manually add an invoice when the member wants to pre-pay for more than a month - for instance for 3, 6, or 12 months. 

When should I manually add an invoice for a one-off fee?

The bill run in your OfficeRnD organization can generate invoices in a bulk operation only for one-off fees that occurred in the last 30 days and that aren't configured to be billed in advance. With this in mind, you need to manually add an invoice for one-off fees in the following cases:

  • A new one-off fee is added with a date in the past. If the one-off fee date falls in an already invoiced billing period, or the next bill run runs in more than 30 days, go ahead and manually add an invoice for the fee. 
  • A new one-off fee is added with enabled Bill in advance configuration. If the next bill run, generating invoices, will be executed after the one-off fee date, go ahead and manually add an invoice for the fee.

NOTE: When you create a one-off fee for a date in the future - e.g. a deposit for a membership that starts in the middle of next month, you might want to invoice it before its start date. This is where the Bill in advance option comes in handy. It tells the bill run to invoice a one-off fee before its start date. Keep in mind that by default the bill run invoices one-off fees with a start date in the month prior to the bill run.

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