Invoice Statuses

OfficeR&D automatically sets the invoice status based on the due date and payment transactions associated with the invoice. 


The table below provides additional information about what each status means.

Status Information
Pending An invoice which Due Date has not yet arrived and it is not paid.
Overdue An invoice which Due Date has passed and it is not paid.
Awaiting  Payment An invoice where a payment operation is initiated but hasn't yet completed. This status can often be seen on invoices paid via ACH or direct debit, where the transaction takes longer to complete.
Paid A fully paid invoice.
Partially Paid An invoice where a payment was received only for part of its total amount.
Refunded An invoice which payment was refunded.
Failed An invoice which payment was initiated and the transaction failed.
Draft An invoice that has not been generated nor send. It needs an admin to review it and approve it.

An invoice that has been marked as Void by an admin. It will not be removed from the system but it will be excluded from all reports.


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