How to display PO Number on an invoice

OfficeRnD allows you to set different PO numbers for memberships and fees per customer (customer is a company or member).

Usually, you want to display those in invoices that will be sent to that customer.
As you have probably seen there is no poNumber field in invoice templates.

This is due to the fact that you need to use invoice's Reference field to display the PO Number on an invoice.

To achieve that you need to first go to Settings/Billing and set the Invoice reference template field.
You can use the following fields in the template - poNumberissueMonthperiodStartMonth.

You probably noticed that you can set membership and fee PO Number per customer but there is only one field that you can add to the reference template. Here are the rules by which this field is calculated:

  • If there are only fees in the invoice the Fees PO Number will be used
  • If there are only memberships in the invoice the Memberships PO Number for  will be used
  • If there are both fees and memberships in the invoice the Memberships PO Number will be used

Once you have configured the reference template you can use it in the invoice template by adding the following: {{ reference }}

Note: Once you set the above all new invoices' Reference field will be set upon generation using the rules above. All previous invoices' Reference field will not be reset.

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