Set Up Billing Cycle Segregation


OfficeRnD supports multiple scenarios for charging your members. While these scenarios can be complicated, the system can help you fully automate your billing cycle and collect your money on time.

Billing Automation Settings

You can configure the billing automation settings in Settings/Billing & Products/Billing Rules. The available options include:

  • Configuration of the default billing date.
  • Whether OfficeRnD will automatically generate, send and charge invoices.
  • Billing cycle segregation.

Billing Cycle Segregation

OfficeRnD supports 2 major billing cycles:

  • Single invoice - all charges (memberships, fees, bookings) are grouped into a single invoice. The additional charges for the current month will be added to the next month's invoice.
  • Separate invoices - all memberships are grouped into a single invoice, and all additional charges (fees and bookings) are grouped into a separate invoice.


  1. Navigate to Settings/Billing Settings/Billing Rules.
  2. Scroll to the We'll Generate Invoices section and select the billing cycle type: 
  • By fee type 
    • Single Invoice (for membership fees, one-off fees, and bookings)
    • Separate Invoices (for each type of fee)
  • By contract type  
    • Single Invoice (for membership fees from all contracts)
    • Separate invoices (for each contract)


The Billing Cycle Segregation settings take effect for the Automated and Manual Bill runs. When manually adding an invoice, the Segregation settings do not take effect.
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