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The meeting room booking privacy feature in OfficeRnD has two sides.

  • Admin booking - enables co-working managers to either book a room for themselves or on behalf of their members.
  • Members booking - allows members to book meeting rooms themselves.

The meeting rooms privacy feature affects only the meeting rooms in the members portal, so co-working managers always have access to all of them.

What You'll Need

Set Up the Privacy of a Meeting Room

When setting up meeting room privacy, you have three options:

  1. Full Access/Public - Available to not registered users on the public calendar and contacts in the system.
  2. Active Members - Available only for members with active memberships.
  3. Limited - Select which companies can see the meeting room - by name or by plan. If you do not add any conditions, the meeting room will be visible only to admins.

You can change the meeting room privacy option from the meeting room settings dialog. To change it:

  1. Navigate to Space/Meeting rooms.
  2. Click on the meeting room you'd like to adjust (or create a new one).
  3. You'll see all the options in the Privacy section of the Calendar tab.


To make a meeting room public you should check the Full Access/Public checkbox in the Calendar/Privacy section. To restrict access to admins only, just check the Limited checkbox. This also allows you to pick certain companies to have access to the meeting room, no matter if it is not publicly visible.

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