Create A Public Calendar For Bookings

OfficeR&D can create public calendars for all bookable resources, including the default meeting rooms and hot desks. 

What You'll Need

How It Works

Enable the Public Calendar Page

The public calendar can display all bookable resources whose Privacy setting permits public access. To enable the calendar:

  1. Navigate to Settings/Member Apps/Public Pages.
  2. Enable the Public Calendar Page option and click Update on the bottom of the page.

    public pages.png

You can now open the calendar by clicking on the link that is displayed right under the Public Calendar Page option. 

Get the Link to the Public Calendar of a Bookable Resource

Every resource type for which the Can Book option is selected can have a public calendar page entry and a members portal calendar page. 

Show the Resource Calendar on the Members Portal

  1. Navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Resource Types.
  2. Find the resource you'd need to add a separate calendar for.
  3. Click on the cogwheel next to the resource type name.
  4. Click Add members portal calendar page.

    mm cal page.png

Open the Resource Public Calendar Page 

The public calendar page for custom bookable resource types is available at the following link: 


  • You can find the Members_Portal_URL under Settings/Account Details/Account Setup.
  • As type enter the Type value of the bookable resource which you'll find in the Type field when you click on the resource to edit it in Settings/Space.
In order for the custom resource to appear on the public calendar, it needs to have a resource rate selected. Click here to learn more.

What To Do Next

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Was this article helpful?


  • Thanks for the tutorial video and infos! :)

    Is it possible to embed the Public Calendar to our office's website and book the meeting rooms through our website? 


  • It would b great if you could add/ explain the differences between this and the "Bookings Checkout Page" (and vice versa)


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