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Enabling meeting room bookings is a crucial part of running a coworking space and OfficeRnD enables you to provide your members with options to select a meeting room and book it for a one-time, or a recurring meeting. To provide your members with a list of available meeting rooms, you need to create and define the properties of each room.


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  1. Navigate to Space
  2. From the left-side menu select Meeting Rooms
  3. Click on Add room
  4. The Add Meeting Room dialog opens
  5. Configure the following meeting room properties:
    • Name - Set a user-friendly title that identifies the room. Note that this field is required.
    • Size - Define the number of people the room can accommodate.
    • Parents - Using this option you can establish a relationship between multiple resources, where one resource is the parent. Learn more about setting up hierarchical meeting rooms.
      Note: Before creating a parent-child relationship, make sure that there are no intersecting bookings in the future for the two meeting rooms. If such bookings exist, the system will display an error and let you know their number.
    • Available From To – Set as From the date when the room was made available as a meeting room. Leave the To value empty unless you know when the room will no longer be used as a meeting room. 
  6. Open the Calendar settings and configure the following options: 
    • Rate - Select the resource rate that is applied to the room when members book it.
    • Description - Set the description of the meeting room.
    • Image - Browse and locate an image source that you want to display as a preview of the inside of the room in the members and admin portals of OfficeRnD. We recommend using images with a size of 2048x1536 pixels.
    • Color - Choose a color to differentiate the room in the members and admin portals of OfficeRnD.
    • Privacy - Configure the visibility of the meeting room to members:
      • Full Access / Public -  Select this option to make the room available to all members and non-members and make it visible on the public calendar. If you want to further configure the visibility, deselect the option to see the next privacy options.
      • Active Members -  Select this option to make the room available to only active members. If you want to further configure the privacy options, deselect this option.
      • Select members - Add members to make the room available only for the selected members. Leave the field empty to make the room available for admins only.
      • Select plans - Add billing plans to make the room available only for members with the selected plans.
  7. Click Add

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