User Permissions

Users have different abilities depending on the teammate role they have in OfficeRnD.

A role is given in the Settings / My Account > Teammates tab and following this article.

The Role can be changed at any time, again in Settings / My Account > Teammates, by clicking on the cogwheel next to a teammate and selecting "Edit".

The following table depicts the various user permission levels in a project:

Modules / Actions Viewer Reception Center Manager Owner
Dashboard View View View View
Community View View View / Add / Edit / Delete View / Add / Edit / Delete
Space View View View / Add / Edit View / Add / Edit / Delete
Calendar View View / Add / Edit / Delete View / Add / Edit / Delete View / Add / Edit / Delete
Billing - Plans, Resource rates, Amenities, Discounts View View  View / Add / Edit / Delete View / Add / Edit / Delete
One-off Fees View View / Add / Edit / Delete View / Add / Edit / Delete/Approve View / Add / Edit / Delete/Approve
Contracts View View View / Add as Draft View / Approve / Add / Edit / Delete
Edit, Delete, Void Invoices    
Manage Billing Settings      
Settings / Manage account      


You can choose to disable access to different modules for each of the permission levels when adding the teammate or by editing their role.

A Teammate can be removed by going to Settings/My Account > Teammates tab, clicking on the cogwheel on the right side of their Role, and selecting Delete. This will remove the teammate's admin permissions, but their Member's profile will remain in the system and will not be changed in any other way.

Custom admin roles can be set up from Settings/My Account in the Permissions tab. More information about custom roles can be found here.

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