How to Add a Custom Page to Your Members Portal


You can create custom pages for your Members Portal that can give your community more tools and information. A custom page could be a list of mentors that are part of your community, or an embedded page that gives access to external tools.

What You'll Need

How It Works

Here is more on how to create a custom page and the options that are available:

  1. Navigate to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages.
  2. Scroll down to the Custom Pages section and click Add Page.

  3. Fill out the following details:
    • (Optional) Order - Select a number if you'd like to set a specific order in which you display your custom page. Pages with a lower number will appear above pages with a higher number.
    • Title - Enter the name of the page.
    • (Optional) Icon - Select an icon for your custom page.
    • Type - Select your custom page type. The following page types are available:
      • Calendar Page - You can create a custom calendar page that shows the availability of any resource type.
      • Member Wall Page - you can create a custom wall page that shows contacts from your members' database with a specific tag or status.
      • Static Page - you can create a simple HTML page with custom content.
      • External (Embedded) Page - you can create an iFrame-based page that embeds into your Members portal.
Note: Please be aware that loading the page in the Mobile app could be disrupted in case there are issues with the domain's SSL.
  • (Optional) Content - If you want to add any text and styling to the page, this is where you could do so.

4. Click Add.

Done! You can now view the new page on the Members Portal.

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