How to Merge Billing Plans


Running a co-working space often calls for a change of plans. In this case - change of Billing Plans. If you have an old membership plan that you no longer use and you'd like to remove, you can merge it with another plan that will remain in use.

This way, all of the members assigned to the old billing plan are going to be transferred to the new one without making any changes to already active memberships.

Once plans are merged, the operation cannot be undone - even by our team. We advise using this option cautiously. It will have an impact on all reports related to Billing Plans, as the merged plan will no longer exist.

Merge Billing Plans

  1. Navigate to Billing & Products.
  2. From the left-side menu, select Plans.
  3. In the top right corner of the screen, click Merge.
  4. Choose your Source Plan. The Source Plan would be the one that needs a change. 
    Note that the Source Plan is going to be deleted after the transfer.
  5. Afterwards, choose the Target Plan. All references to the Source Plan will be migrated to the Target Plan.
  6. Click Merge to complete the operation.
After the process is finished, the reporting is going to be changed accordingly. Once a plan is merged into another, all of its memberships will change their Plan to the Target Plan. No further changes will be made to these memberships.
Their price, credits/coins, and name will all remain as they are, as well as all other details that can be seen on the memberships.
Note that Discounts are based on the Billing Plan of the membership and the Discounts of the Target plan will be applied for these members.
Please note that plans that have invoiced one-off fees(deposits and/or setup fees that are generated by the plan) can't be merged into another plan/s at the moment. 
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