What are Booking Reference Numbers


Have you ever struggled to find the correct booking? A property called Booking Reference (shown below as Reference Number) might help:


Whenever you or a member create a booking, a 7 symbol code consisting of numbers and capital letters is generated. This code is unique within your organization.

The code is sent along with the confirmation email. If a customer contacts you about a booking, they can give you this code and you can easily find the booking in question.

Please note that recurring bookings have the same reference number.

How To Find Reference Numbers

Below, you can find a list of the places where you can see the booking reference number:

1. A column in the bookings list in the Community/Bookings section:


 2. A column in the bookings list in the Member/Company page.


 3. Inside a booking when opened:


 4. Exposed in the booking name template (you can put {{ bookingReference }} in the subject)

 5. Exposed in booking mail templates as a property called {{ bookingReference }}

6. Exposed in the bookings and booking summary exports.

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