Custom Roles and Permissions


User and Admin permissions in OfficeRnD are based on a role system, which includes a few default roles that cover the most common management roles. To learn more about these roles and the permissions they grant, you can learn more here.


Custom Roles & Permissions

OfficeRnD allows you to create custom roles too. Custom permission roles can grant only specific permissions, enabling strongly specific roles as well as minor tweaks, such as limiting access to certain modules.

Note: Whenever an entity of a module is set to "None", this means that the user, who's assigned the role in question will be able to view that entity, but not perform any actions. For example, if a user has "None" permissions for "Messages" in "Collaboration", they'll still be able to see the section. The only to hide a section entirely is to set the whole module to be based on role "No access".

When defining a new role, there is a vast set of actions that can be enabled/disabled for the organization's admins. Below is a full list of all permissions that we currently support in the system. Each one can be enabled or disabled on its own:

Module Entity Permissions Center Manager Owner
Community Check-ins Create, Edit YES YES
Community One-off Fees Create, Edit, Delete, Export YES YES
Community One-off Fees Approve, Import NO YES
Community Company Create, Edit, Delete, Export YES YES
Community Company Merge, Import NO YES
Community  Members Create, Edit, Delete, Export YES YES
Community Members Merge, Import NO YES
Community Attachments Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Community Contracts Create, Edit, Send For eSign, Mark As Signed, Serve Notice, Terminate, Generate PDF, Preview PDF,  Export YES YES
Community Contracts Add & Approve NO YES
Community Memberships Create, Edit, Delete, Assign YES YES
Community Memberships Approve YES YES
Community Memberships Lock, Import NO YES
Community Opportunities Create, Edit, Delete, Export YES YES
Community Day Passes Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Community Credits Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Community Payment Details Create, Delete YES YES
Community Orders Create, Change Status, Generate PDF, Export YES YES
Collaboration Events Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Collaboration Messages Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Collaboration Issues Edit, Delete YES YES
Collaboration Posts Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Collaboration Contacts Export YES YES
Collaboration Benefits  Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Collaboration Articles Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Billing Invoices Create, Edit, Delete, Sync, Export, Void, Send YES YES
Billing Receipts Generate, Send, Delete YES YES
Billing  Invoice Line Items Edit  YES YES
Billing Plans Create, Edit, Delete, Merge, Export YES YES
Billing  Goods Create, Edit, Delete, Export  YES YES
Billing  Stores Create, Edit, Delete  YES YES
Billing Rates Create, Edit, Delete, Export YES YES
Billing Amenities Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Billing Discounts Create, Edit, Delete YES YES
Space Resources Create, Edit YES YES
Space Resources Delete, Import NO YES
Space Locations Create, Edit YES YES
Space Locations Delete NO YES
Space Floors Create, Edit, Clone YES YES
Space Floors Delete NO YES
Calendar Booking Create, Edit, Delete, Cancel YES YES
Settings Templates Create, Edit, Delete NO NO

Further Information

When a new role is created, its permissions are based on two things - the Modules that an admin with that role would have access to and the level of access that they have for these modules. There are three different levels of access that are based on the default teammate roles - Viewer, Manager, and Owner. The new role will automatically receive all permissions that are marked as YES for these default roles in the table above. The Viewer can see all modules, excluding the Settings one, but can't make any changes.

Note: Regardless of the permission level that is chosen for the Dashboard, Analytics, and Settings modules, only Viewer permissions will be granted. Only the Owner role can edit settings. 

If a role is based on one of our Roles in a specific Module and no changes were made, when we make any changes to the permissions, these changes will automatically be applied. If a role has Module permissions not based on one of the default roles, no changes will be made to that Module to ensure that no unwanted permissions will be granted. Any further changes to such a role should be made manually.

Import Permissions

Flex offers fully independent granular import permissions for the following entities:

  • Fees
  • Companies
  • Members
  • Memberships
  • Resources

An Import button is available in each resource page from the Space module to provide easier access to the new import of resources:

import meet rooms.png

All custom roles with the relevant import permissions will be able see the Import button on the related pages in the Community and/or Space modules. They will also be able to import records

Custom Admin Role

When a custom admin role has Viewer Access to Settings, it would still see all import tabs, but from now on they will see the Upload CSV button and previous imports history only for the entities they have permissions for.

Custom Owner & Manager Roles

When a custom role is based on Owner, we will include the import permissions preselected. Manager-based roles, however, will need to manually select each.

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  • I don't understand this article at all, it's either too complicated or doesn't make sense. I have a VA that I only want to give access to Settings>Templates, and I want to allow him to make edits to the templates. How do I make that happen?


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