How to filter OfficeRnD by location?


OfficeRnD allows you to filter by location the data of your organization. To do so, click on the white bar at the top of your page. A new menu will open which contains the option to select All locations or a specific location.


If you select All Location, all the tabs will show the data from your organization. However, if you select any of the other locations, the software will filter the data by set location and only display information that's relevant to it.

Menus and tabs that can be filtered by location:

  • Dashboard - all tabs except Space and Activity;
  • Community - all tabs;
  • Collaboration - all tabs, with the exception of "How to guides";
  • Billing - all tabs;
  • Spaces - all tabs;
  • Calendar - all tabs'
  • Reports - all tabs;
  • Settings - the settings are on a global scale.
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