What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging application especially suitable for organizations. You can create a workspace where all your members will be invited to exchange messages, share files, and so on.

This happens in channels, which are created by topic, project or organization. Slack operates similarly to an internet relay chat(IRC) and all content inside it is searchable - members, files, conversations.

  • The integration was developed for Slack’s free version and the respective API limitations apply. However, Slack doesn’t officially support an API for the free version. The integration works as of now, but Slack might remove it from their free version somewhere in the future.
  • Currently, you can only have 50 pending invitations. Meaning if you send 50 invites (synced members) you can send the 51st only when one of the 50 pending is accepted/declined.



  • Before you can connect to OfficeRnD, you must create a workspace in Slack.
  • In order to set the integration up, you need to be an administrator in the Slack organization.
  • If you are using a paid Slack plan, you will be charged for members joining your workspace from the invites sent via OfficeRnD.

How can I integrate OfficeRnD with Slack?

To activate the integration, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings/Integrations.

2. Click on Other Integrations and click Add next to Slack.


3. A new window will appear prompting you to choose the location for which you're adding the integration:
- You can add a single Slack workspace for all of your location by leaving the locations field empty.
- Any newly added locations will be automatically added to the Slack workspace you've chosen.
- You can set up a separate workspace for each location depending on your use case.


4. Click Connect and authorize the integration. 

What Options Can I Enable?

To start setting up the integration, click Configure.

The first tab in the settings of the integration is called Members Management.

Here is an option to automatically invite new members to Slack. If enabled. the integration will sync members with Slack based on the following options:

  • Sync only members with access to the members portal - if this is enabled only members who have been enabled and can log in the members portal will be invited into Slack.
    More information on how to invite members to the members portal can be found here.
  • Plans - here you can select a plan, which will determine who gets invited to Slack. Any member who has been assigned a plan from this list will be synced.
  • Statuses - here you can select the status, which will determine who gets invited to Slack. Any member who currently has one of the selected statuses will be automatically invited to Slack.

Note: If a member's status or plan changes, but they've already been invited to Slack, they will not be automatically removed from the Slack workspace. If you're using a paid version of Slack, you will have to remove members manually.

The second tab in the settings of the integration is called Notifications Management.

Here, you can select where the different types of posts should be posted in Slack:

  • Info - select the channels where OfficeRnD should post informational posts created in Collaboration/Posts
  • Important - select the channels where OfficeRnD should post important posts created in Collaboration/Posts
  • Events- select the channels where OfficeRnD should post-event notifications created in Collaboration/Events

Note: Only teammates with access to all locations are able to trigger posts in Slack. Learn more about teammates.

How Can Members Use the Slack Integration?

  1. When members open the members portal and navigate to Community, they will find a Slack icon as part of every member profile card. Clicking on that icon automatically opens up the Slack Desktop application and enables direct chat communication. 
  2. The slack icon on Windows will only work if the member has installed the Slack desktop app. The same icon is available on the admin end of OfficeRnD, so your team can quickly open a chat window with any member or teammate directly from the Community/Members page in OfficeRnD.
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