Set Up Your Billing Plans and Booking Experience

In this webinar, our team demonstrates how to finalize the Setup of Your Billing Plans.

  • What are booking credits?
  • How to allocate booking credits to members?
  • How are credits allocated to a company/member?
  • Can I distribute the credits between company members?
  • How can I assign booking credits to an individual member?
  • What happens when a company/member uses all their booking credits?
  • What is a booking discount?
  • How can we create a booking discount?
  • What are day passes?
  • How can we allocate day passes?
  • How can we track day passes?
  • How can I enable external users to purchase co-working days with us?

Finalize the Bookings Settings in your OfficeRnD Account

  • Navigate to Settings/Platform/Calendar & Bookings.
  • First, review the business hours
  • Next, define the calendar privacy.
  • Proceed with applying a booking charge slot.
  • Next, let’s review the cancellation policy.
  • Lastly, let’s review the booking policies.
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