How to Fix Occupancy Issues for an eSigned Contract

How to find the resource that is preventing the contract to be signed

The first step is to review the resources that are preventing the contract from being activated. You can find them on the top of the contract's page. Expand the error banner to see a list of all resources in the contract that are not available or occupied during the contract's period.


If the resource is unavailable, follow these steps to update its availability:

  • Go to Space/Desks or Space/Private Offices and find the resource.
  • Click on the resource.
  • After that, change the availability of the resource to match the contract.
  • Click Update.



If the signature flow breaks because the resource is occupied for the contracted period, follow these steps:

  • Go in Space/Desks or Space/Private Offices and find the resource.
  • Click the cogwheel and choose the Find on Floorplan option.
  • When the floorplan is opened find the Membership section in the right section of the screen and click the Unassign button.
  • After the window pops up you can choose an End Date for the current membership
  • Click Unassign. This operation will change the resource from Occupied to Available.

If needed you can check out the resource's history and delete any unwanted entries. To learn more click here.
Note that deleting occupancy history will have an effect on your occupancy report.


How to move a member to a new Desk/Private Office

After you make the resource Available you can assign the non-contracted member to the new Desk/Office. To learn how to do that click here.


How to activate the signed Contract

Once all occupancy or availability issues have been resolved, you can go to the contract's page and use the Activate Contract option to mark the contract as Signed in OfficeRnD and generate all memberships and fees described in it as usual.
Should there still be any unresolved issues, you will receive an error notifying you of the current problems.

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