Troubleshooting resource assignment


Certain resources in OfficeRnD can be assigned to members/companies, which helps track occupancy. Learn more about assigning resources.

Sometimes you may can encounter errors when trying to assign a resource. The most common error is The resource has already been occupied. The system has certain safeguards to prevent it, but it does not cover all situations. This is especially true when creating contracts.


A simple way to troubleshoot this error is to check the History of the resource. To do that, open the Spaces module and navigate to the resource in question. Once you locate it, click on the cogwheel next to it and select History.


History window

The History window shows records of people moving in and out of a resource. Here, you can see who is currently occupying a resource and when are they going to free it. You can go to their profile and double check if the dates are correct.

When modifying memberships (duration, end dates, etc), the History log might become inaccurate. In this case, you may want to clear the problematic events. This can be done by clicking on the trash can next to an event in the History window. Note that deleting events in the History log will also affect occupancy reports.

Each Move in event must be matched with a Move out event, unless the membership assigned has no end date. In this case, the latest event will only be Move in.

Resource not in usage in the selected period

Another error that you might encounter is The resource is not in usage in the selected period. This error is simpler to troubleshoot. Go to the resource in question and check its Available From and To dates. Make sure that the resource you are trying to assign is available in the period you are trying to assign it for.

If you encounter any other error, or this troubleshooting guide does not resolve the issue, contact us at

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