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OfficeRnD can import your credits and map them correctly to the company that's supposed to receive them. In the next section of this article, you'll find the format that we use to import your existing data.

The purpose of this article is to describe the format of the imported data. The step-by-step import process in OfficeRnD Flex is described here in detail.


  • Add the companies to which the credits will be allocated. You can import all your existing companies as described here.
  • Add and configure rates under Billing & Products/Resource Rates.


OfficeRnD enables you to import credits from a .CSV file with the following columns (those marked '*' are required):

  • Company * - Name of the company which owns the fee.
  • Start Date * - Start Date of the recurring credit allowance.
  • End Date - End Date of the validity of granted credits. It can be used for both recurring and one-off credits. Learn more about credits.
  • Rate - The name of the resource rate the credits will be associated with. You can use multiple rates - simply separate the names with commas. If the field is empty, the system assumes all rates.
  • Credits * - The number of credits to be allocated. It can be either a number or 'Unlimited' for the hourly credits.  Coins should always have a certain number as they have monetary value and therefore cannot be unlimited.
  • Type * - The type of the credits to import: coin or hour.
  • Interval* - The recurrence interval: monthly or once.

Important: Make sure to use the exact headers listed above, otherwise your data won't be imported correctly.

You can download a sample .CSV file with all the columns pre-filled here. After download, you can delete the columns you won't need or leave them empty.

Tip: Get in touch with our team if you need assistance in importing your bookings or other data.

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