How to Cancel or Delete a Booking


In case of customers asking you to remove their booking, we recommend canceling the booking instead of deleting it.


What's the difference between canceling and deleting a booking?

When a booking is canceled, it remains recorded in OfficeRnD. This way, you can always check when the booking was originally requested and who asked for its cancellation.

Further on, when you or a member cancels a booking, the cancellation policy is applied, ensuring the proper charge is applied to the customer account. 

When a booking is deleted, no record is kept and no cancellation policies are applied.

How to Cancel a Booking from the Calendar View

  1. Find the booking on the calendar and click to open it.
  2. Click the Cancel button.
  3. Review the summary and decide if you want to apply a cancellation policy.
  4. Confirm the cancellation.

How to Cancel a Booking Listed under Community/Bookings

When you open the Community module and navigate to Bookings, you will find a list of all bookings for the current month. This view is especially handy if you want to review and export a list of bookings in a specific timeframe. 


  1. Find the booking in the list. You can apply additional filters to help you find the booking.
  2. Click to open it.
  3. Click the Cancel button. 
  4. Review the summary and decide if you want to apply a cancellation policy.
  5. Confirm the cancellation.


Depending on the cancellation policy and how the booking was charged, the customer balance will be updated. For example, if the booking was made using coins or credits, those can be fully restored while related outstanding fees are removed.

How to Delete a Booking

In order to delete a booking, you can follow the steps for canceling a booking and clicking Delete instead of Cancel.

Can I Cancel Multiple Bookings At Once?

If you need to cancel multiple bookings, let our team help you. Email us at with a list of bookings.

  1. Navigate to Community/Bookings.
  2. Filter out the bookings you need to cancel. 
  3. Export the list as a CSV file using the Export button at the top right of the page. Export.png
  4. Send the exported list with more information on why you need to cancel those bookings to

How to Cancel Invoiced Bookings

When a booking was already invoiced, the system won't allow you to cancel it, before taking a few additional steps. The exact process is described in How to Edit or Cancel Invoiced or Waived Bookings.

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