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It's possible to create posts for the Members portal from the OfficeRnD admin portal. There, admins can create posts that link to external pages or images. Posts can also contain updates for portal members, important announcements, event invitations, and so on.

How to add a post

Navigate to Collaboration/Posts and click the Add Post button. This will open the Add Post window with the following options:



  1. Title - enter the post title.
  2. Pin to top - pins the post to the top of the Newsfeed in the member's portal.
  3. Content - enter the post content.
  4. Link - add an external link.
  5. Type - Info, Important, or Event.
  6. Locations - visibility based on location.
  7. Image - upload an image. Recommended - 16:9 ratio, min. 720x405px

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