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In OfficeRnD, it is possible to tag members and companies. Tags are used to filter the members/companies lists under Community/Members and Community/Companies by typing the tag in the search box. 

What You'll Need

How It Works

How to Create a Tag?

To apply a tag on a member/company, open their profile page and look for the Add Tag button on the left side of the screen:


Once the tag is added, it will appear on the Settings/Platform/Community page and you will be able to search for the members/companies by their tags.

How to Create a Custom Page Using Tags?

It is also possible to create a Members Wall custom page that shows members based on their tag. 
To do that, navigate to Settings/Member Apps/Members pages and click Add page. The option can be found near the bottom of the screen. The option to select a Tag is highlighted below on the Add Page tab:


Once tags are added, the Members Wall will look like this on the members portal:


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