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OfficeRnD allows you to send messages to individual members of the space. They will be receiving messages in their Members Portal or/and their mailbox. All exchanged messages will be recorded to keep track of the conversations.

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Sending Messages as an Admin

As an Admin, you can send messages by navigating to Collaboration/Messages and clicking on the Send message button. The following dialog will appear:



To - The To field dropdown menu offers three options to pinpoint the recipients with a clear indication of their number:

  • All contacts - send the message to all contacts.
  • Filtered group of contacts - filter by Location, Status & Plan. The system will also show you the number of people who will receive the message after filtering.
  • Specific contacts - select by name. You can select multiple members.



Send an email - if the box is checked, the system will also send an email to the contacts as long as they have an email in their member profile.



Sending Messages as a Member

You can allow your members to communicate with each other with the Messages functionality. To enable this, navigate to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages and scroll down until you find Messages.

Once activated it will become available for all of your Active members (please see our article on member statuses to find out what members are Active).

Each member will have a tab called Messages in the Members Portal. Here, they can see all messages sent to them and compose one as well.

Messages here can be sent to one member only. Click on New Message and type the name of the member to whom you're writing.


Note: The Also Send as mail option will only work if the recipient has an email in the system. However, this will not stop them from receiving a message in the members portal.
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  • As per my role I have access to create, edit and delete messages but in real scenario not able to edit the message, why ?

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  • Member unable to reply back for that message from member portal to Admin messages ?


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