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The member portal in OfficeRnD allows members of your community to sign-up, log-in, book meeting rooms, receive notifications, and lots more. Below, you will see what these processes look like from your members' perspective.

Keep in mind that all these processes can look different, depending on your organization's settings and purchase flows. To adjust these settings to better fit your business model and community style, head to Settings/Member Apps. Learn more about customizing the Member Portal.

as a Member

Your members can sign in the member's portal through the link generated in OfficeRnD - However, if you have a custom domain added, the URL may look different for your organization. Read more about custom domains.

To sign-in, members should use their e-mail address and the password they created upon signing in for the first time.


Once logged in, your members will be able to easily book meeting rooms, track the status of their memberships, and communicate with you and other members of your community. By default, the member portal will include only standard pages, but this can always be adjusted according to your preferences. Read more about adding custom pages to your member portal.

Sign-up as a Non-member

If enabled, people who are not yet part of your community will be able to sign up and purchase plans, book meeting rooms , and book guided tours. This is what the Public Calendar looks like from a non-member perspective:

public cal.png

The public calendar should be enabled and meeting rooms should be made public, for non-members to book them. You can make only certain meeting rooms available for public bookings and keep the rest visible only to admins and/or active members.

For non-members to make purchases, your Sign-up Page should be enabled and your billing plans should be made public. You can make only certain plans public and keep the rest visible only to admins or active members.

You can enable non-active members to book meeting rooms and access your store in Settings/Member Apps/Public Pages.

When purchasing a plan from the sign-up page, your members will be able to add as many plans as they want to their cart. Once they are done shopping, they will be prompted to create an account.

Book Meeting Rooms as a Non-memberĀ 

When non-members are booking meetings rooms, they will see the calendar the same way as your active members. They will have to select the time slot for the booking and fill in the needed information. They will also be prompted to add their details and a profile will be created for them in your member profile.

If your purchase flow requires it, non-members can be asked to provide payment details and be charged for their purchases/booking immediately. Read more about our purchase flows.

You can even connect your OfficeRnD member's profile to your own marketing website. Learn more about that here.

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