How to Edit or Cancel Invoiced or Waived Bookings


As an Admin, you've probably come across the following use case: you have a booking that should be canceled or there are changes that should be applied to it.

Generally, the Booking Dialog has various fields and configuration options that could be changed depending on the status of the booking up to the present moment when the amendments need to be applied. The booking status might be already invoiced or not invoiced yet.

Considering the status of the booking there are two scenarios: 

Non-invoiced bookings

All fields and configurations can be edited for a not invoiced booking. This can result in further changes in the Booking Fee.

Invoiced bookings

These specific fields and configurations influencing the booking’s price can’t be edited: Resource, Period, Repeat, Free, Extras. All other fields and configurations can be freely edited (Title, Preparation time).

prep time 2.png

When you cancel or edit an already invoiced booking, there are a few things that should be considered:

  1. If a booking can't be edited, but no invoice was issued, this means that the booking was marked as paid or waived. You can go to the company/member's profile, find the booking fee under One-Off Fees and change its status to "Not Paid'. After that, you can edit the booking and once finished with the editing you can revert the status of the fee.
  2. Should a cancellation fee be applied if you need to cancel this booking (that could result in a difference in the booking fee)?
  3. If you just have to update the time, this could mean that a recalculation of the booking fee would be needed (if for example, the duration of the booking will be longer than the current one).
  4. If another resource should be selected for this booking there are a few things the system needs to do:
     - check if the resource rate is the same (recalculation of the fee might be needed) and
     - check if the member has credits/coins that can be applied for booking the other resource
  5. Has the invoice been paid or not yet?

How to Edit an Invoiced Booking

To cancel/edit an invoiced booking you'll need to go through the following steps (depending on your use case):

Action There is a price change There is no price change
The invoice has not been paid

In the booking's invoice, detach its line item to allow re-invoicing it. That will break the connection between the booking and its invoice, which allows editing the booking. The system will re-invoice the booking automatically with the next bill run if you have enabled the automatic bill run.

The previous invoice that was issued can be voided since it's not going to be used to charge the customer anymore.

Find the invoice for the booking in question and detach the line item for it. That will allow you to edit/cancel the booking. Here we have two scenarios:

1. If you will edit the booking: Once you've edited the booking, go to the company's profile to mark the booking fee as paid (to prevent the system from adding it in another invoice).

2. If the booking should be canceled: You can apply a credit note just for the booking fee to the original invoice. Learn how to issue a credit note.

The invoice has been paid

Find the invoice for the booking and add a refund for this booking. Go back to the invoice to detach the booking fee line item, and now you can apply changes to the booking. The system will add the new booking fee in the upcoming invoice or you can manually create the new invoice for the updated booking.


Here we also have 2 scenarios:

1. If you will edit the booking: Find the invoice for the booking, detach the booking fee line item, and go ahead to edit the booking. Then open the profile of the company/member to mark the one-off fee for the booking as paid. That way the system will not create another invoice for that service.

2. If the booking should be canceled: Find the invoice for the booking, record a refund for the booking fee, and then detach the booking fee line item from the invoice. Once you've done this you can cancel the booking. Since there is no price change for the booking fee, you should not apply a cancellation policy. Canceling a booking will also delete the booking fee from the company's profile.

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