Manually Adding Invoices


OfficeRnD allows you to generate, manage, and send invoices. In this help article, we will go over the steps needed to generate an invoice, along with the other available options.

Manually Adding An Invoice

There are two ways to add a manual invoice:

  1. Navigate to Billing & Products/Invoices and click on the Add Invoice button.
  2. Open the profile of the member or company you wish to invoice. Scroll down until you see the Invoices section, and click on Add invoice button.

In both ways, the Add Invoice window appears with the following details:

add inv 3.png

Invoice Details

  1. To - select the company or member to whom the invoice should be issued. This will include all fees and memberships in the product list of the invoice. If you are adding an invoice from the member or company profile, this field will already be populated.
  2. Number - enter the number of the invoice. Note that this field is populated by default according to the Invoice number template.
  3. Reference - add a text reference to the invoice.
  4. Issue Date - select the date of issue. This is the date that will appear on the invoice.
  5. Due Date - select the due date. This is the date that the member or company will be charged on.
  6. Payment Method - Select the payment method for the invoice payment terms. The following options are available: AutoCashBank Transfer, and POS.
  7. Discount - apply a percentage discount to the invoice.
  8. For - select which types of accountable items will be included in the invoice. You can issue invoices for fees, memberships, or both.
  9. Period Start - select the month identifying the start of the applicable period of the memberships.
  10. Pay For - select the duration in months to calculate the duration of the memberships.
  11. Add new line item - adds an additional custom line where you can input a custom amount. Please note that these services will be included in the one-off fees revenue account by default. 
  12. Click Add to create the invoice, or click Add & Send to add the invoice and send it to a company email and/or a billing person. You can also set up automatic invoice sending following the steps described in the Automated invoice sending article.

Next Step

Once you added an invoice, you may want to manage it or charge it manually. You will find more information on these topics here: Review and Manage and Adding Manual Payments.


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