How To Set Up Hierarchical Meeting Rooms


Hierarchical Meeting Rooms are useful if you'd like to define a connection between multiple resources. One use case for it is when you'd like to make a booking in one meeting room and have it reflected in the other (or vice-versa).

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How to enable the feature

Here's how to enable the feature:

  1. Go to Settings/Resource Types and click on Meeting Room (or whatever your default meeting room resource is called).
  2. In the newly opened window, enable the option called 


Past Bookings

Once the connection has been established, you'll be able to create bookings in the past for the parent and the related meeting room. However, if you create a booking in the past for a meeting room and then another for the same slot in its parent, you'll be able to occupy the same booking slot twice.
This only applies for bookings either in the past or 1 or more years in the future. Duplicate bookings cannot be created for the current year.


  • You can't edit the availability of resources with a parent/child relationship. Please make sure you set the correct dates before linking the resources.
  • You can set the same parent for multiple meeting rooms. By setting the same parent for two meeting rooms you can ensure that if someone books the parent meeting room, all related meeting rooms will be booked for the same time as well.
  • One resource can have multiple parents. If a resource has multiple parents and you book either the child or one of the parent meeting rooms, all children and parent meeting rooms will be booked simultaneously. This way you can create a complex network of meeting rooms that are related to each other. If one gets booked, all related meeting rooms will be booked as well.
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