Members Portal - Add a Payment Method To Your Profile


As a member of the space, you can add a payment method to your profile in the Members Portal. To be able to do so, your organization needs to have a connected payment integration (Stripe, PlacePay, etc.) as ORnD does not process payments.

How To

Here are the steps to add a payment method yourself. The flow might be slightly different depending on the connected payment integration. The article shows Stripe as an example.

  1. Open the Members Portal and navigate to Billing/Payment Details.
  2. Select the Company tab to add the payment details to your company profile, or the Personal tab to add payment details for personal purchases.

    payment dets.png
  3. Click on addpaymbtn.png.
  4. Choose which location you are adding payment details for and click Select.

    sel loc.png
  5. A payment details form will appear. Since we're using Stripe, the form is for a debit/credit card. Fill in the details and click Add to add your card as a payment method.
    add paym details.png
  6. The card gets added to the list of payment methods.
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