How To Make Hotdesks Bookable

Oftentimes, apart from meeting rooms, you may also want to offer your members the option to book hotdesks.
The procedure is relatively similar to the one you need to follow in order to set up meeting room bookings.
Please see below the steps that you need to follow in order to have bookable hotdesks:

  1. You can create your hotdesks in Space/Desks manually:


    You can upload them for import by following our article here.
    After you upload the .csv file, mentioned in the article we'll import the resources for you.

  2. The next step is to make it possible for your hotdesks to be booked.
    This can be done by going to Settings/Resource Types.

    Here you should be able to see a type Hotdesk
    Click on it and you'll see an option called Can Book.
    Once enabled you'll find a drop-down menu named Booking Mode:
    Booking Mode can be set to either:
    - Date - make it possible for the resource to be booked only for the whole day.
    - Time - this will allow you to book the resource only for a specific time interval.

  3. After that, you can set up the resource rate at which the bookings will be charged.
    Please note that if you selected the booking mode to be Date, you should set up a daily rate for the resource.
    If you selected the booking mode to be Time you should set up an hourly rate.

    During the creation of the rate, you can also configure a booking and cancellation policies.

  4. The final step you can take if you'd like your members to be able to book hotdesks is to enable the member page that allows them to do so.
    This can be done by going to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages.
    There's a page called Hotdesks booking - once enabled this will display an additional page called Hotdesks on the members portal, where members can book hotdesks.

    Alternatively, you'll only be able to create bookings on the admin end using the calendar and switching the resource type:
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