How to set your Business Hours


Business hours represent the working hours of your organization. You can set the system up to only allow bookings inside of these hours.

Apart from business hours, there are also workdays, which serve the same purpose as business hours - albeit on a daily (not hourly) scale.

Setting up business hours for the whole organization

Navigate to Settings/Platform Modules/Business Hours. Here, you'll see that there are checkboxes next to each day. The ones that are enabled represent the workdays of the organization.

Beneath the workdays, you'll find the fields for the business hours. The left field represents the start of the workday and the right represents the end.

To specify the hours, you can simply click on one of the fields and a drop-down menu will appear where you can select the times you need.

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The working hours that you choose are also used when using full-day or half-day resource rates or passes. If the total working hours in a day come up to 9 hours, for example, a half-day pass will be used when a member has checked in for less than 4 hours and a half, and any booking for 4 hours and a half will use the half-day price of its resource rate.

Setting up business hours per location

You can also set business hours per location. This can be done by navigating to Space/Locations. and clicking on an existing location (or creating a new one). The General tab in the Add/Edit Location dialog contains two drop-down menus defining the business hours.
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By default, any new location you create will have its business hours set to match the ones you set in Settings/Platform Modules/Business Hours. However, if you have multiple locations with different business hours, you can specify them per location here.

Note: The business hours set for each location take precedence over the general ones.

What about outside business hours?

Outside business hours is considered any period of time that is outside the workdays and business hours. You can forbid members to book outside business hours by going to Settings/Platform Modules/Business Hours. There, click the checkbox next to Business hours bookings to forbid members from booking meeting rooms outside business hours.


Note: These restrictions only extend to members. If necessary, admins can make bookings outside business hours on the calendar in the admin portal.

How exactly do business hours affect the booking calendar?

Depending on the business hours you've set in the settings for the organization, the booking calendar will appear differently in the Members Portal. If you open the daily view of the calendar, you'll see that only the working hours are visible.


However, if bookings aren't forbidden outside business hours, your members will still be able to make bookings that aren't in the hours visible on the calendar.

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