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This is a brief explanation of all terms used in the Reports section in the OfficeRnD admin portal, divided by subsections. 

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Projected Revenue

Projected Revenue A good metric to measure your confirmed monthly recurring revenue (MRR). We use this number to calculate the Cash Occupancy and other metrics in OfficeR&D.
Projected Revenue Report Shows data based on memberships and one-off fees that members are being associated with.


An article about the Projected Revenue report is available here


Invoiced Revenue

Invoiced Revenue Revenue based on the invoices and credit notes in OfficeRnD.


An article about the Invoiced Revenue report is available here



Balance Report A report which provides convenient tracking of the billing elements, such as value of deposits, one-off payments, recurring payments, the sum of all revenue for the given client and the invoiced payments.


 An article about the Balance report here



An article about Memberships report is available here.

New Memberships The number of memberships started in the month.
Terminated Memberships The number of memberships terminated within the month.
Active Memberships The number of memberships that have been active for at least one day of the month.
Net New/Churned Memberships The difference between the new memberships and the terminated memberships within the month.
New Revenue Revenue that was generated by memberships that started in the month.
Lost Revenue Revenue generated by memberships that ended in the previous month. In other words, it's the revenue lost from last month's terminated memberships.
Total Membership Revenue Revenue generated by memberships that were counted as active during any portion of the month.
Net New/Lost Revenue  The difference between new and lost revenue during that month.
% New/Lost vs Previous Month  The % of the new/lost revenue compared against the total revenue earned from active memberships last month.
Discounted Memberships The number of memberships within the month that have had their prices discounted.
Total Discounts The total amount of discounts applied to memberships in the month.


Aged Debtor

Aged Debtor
A list of customers which provides an easy way to review the outstanding payments of a client versus their deposits and credits.
Deposit Held
The total of the refundable fees which have been collected and not refunded.
The total amount of unpaid invoices that haven't reached their overdue date yet.
Total Overdue
The total amount of all overdue invoices.
Unallocated amounts
The total sum of all credit notes and overpayments issued to the member.


An article about Aged Debtor is available here


Daily Transactions

Daily Transactions Report Shows all fees and memberships with a start date chosen in the filter section, grouped by Billing Account. Its purpose is to ensure what they imported in their accounting system is correct.



Occupancy Report
Shows the selected resources' availability and key metrics as well as aggregated data based on each resource contract and/or membership.
List Price
The total target revenue of all resources from the selected type.
License Revenue
The total prorated revenue of all contracts/memberships associated with the selected resources.
Occupied Desks
The number of occupied desks/units for each month.
Occupied Desks Rate
The average price of sold (occupied) desks.
Revenue as % of list
The difference between the Monthly revenue vs. the Target revenue of all resources.


The Occupancy Report is available under Reports/Occupancy. It is divided into three tabs. Further information is available here


Occupancy Interval

Occupancy Interval Shows which offices are available and which are occupied according to the intervals of time.



Resources Report
Presents an easy way to understand the overview of data based on memberships and assignments per month. You can see all sorts of useful data, such as how many resources you have per location and what revenue they are generating.
Avg. Occupied Desk Rate (RevPOD)
The Revenue of the selected resource type / (Available desks * Avg. Desk Occupancy).
Avg. Occupancy
Based on the number of days each resource (or its children resources) was occupied during the month.
List Price Cash Occupancy
How the revenue compares to the target revenue for this resource type.


An article about the Resources Report is available here


Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization Report      
Shows data based on bookings made during a period.
The average utilization for all resources of the specified type for the selected month.
Average Booking Duration
The average duration of all bookings for the selected month.


An article about the Resource Utilization Report is available here



Bookings Report Offers data about the bookings a client has made for the period of a chosen month


An article about the Bookings Report is available here



Credits Report
Offers comprehensive data on all coins that have been issued to a specific member/company.
The number of non-recurring/recurring credits that have been granted once/for the selected period.
This is the number of non-recurring/recurring credits that have been used once/for the chosen period.
"Monthly" Unused
The total number of recurring credits that have not been used by the company/member and remain.
"Once" Opening Balance
The number of previously issued non-recurring credits which the company/member has at their disposal at the start of the month.
"Once" Closing Balance
The number of remaining non-recurring credits for the specific company/member after taking into account all of the credits that have been spent on bookings.


An article about the Credits report is available here



Check-Ins Report
Offers a report on the month's member check-ins and presence. It holds information about each member that checked in for the month, the total of days they checked in, and the total of hours they spent in their locations.
Checkin Report by Day
Offers a breakdown of the number of check-ins and members that checked in for each day of the month.
Presence Report by Member
Offers a breakdown of check-in counts and the total duration of stay for each member.


An article about the Check-Ins and Presence Report is available here


Daily Members

Daily Members Report An overview of not only your members but the desk, office, and co-working occupancy and capacity.


An article about the Daily Members Report is available here



Members Report
Help you keep track of all of your members’ status activity.
Net New/Churned Members
Тhe difference between the new and lost members for the selected month.
Net Growth
Тhe Net New/LostMembers as a percentage of the previous month’s Active Members.


An article about the Members Report is available here

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