How to Cancel the Automated Bill Run


Occasionally, an admin would like to cancel the Automated Bill Run and generate the space's invoices manually. The following needs to be done:

  1. Navigate to Settings/Billing Settings/Billing Rules
  2. Scroll down to the section called We'll generate invoices: and remove the checkmark next to Automatically.
  3. Click Update.

well generate inv.png

What happens if you do a manual bill run without canceling the automatic bill run?

In case you do a Manual bill run without canceling the Automatic one first, the latter will still trigger on time if the system finds memberships or fees that need to be invoiced.
Example: If you generate a Manual bill run for April and May, and the Automatic bill run finds something that is not invoiced for these months, it will invoice it.
However, if all companies/members are invoiced, the Automated bill run won't repeat the operation. It will only generate invoices if something was not included in the Manual run.

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