Invoice Summary Format - Code snippets and Example code

This is an extension to the Invoice Summary Format article - if you have not taken a look at it yet, please do so before continuing.

Using the code snippets in this article should be handled by someone with HTML experience - making changes to an invoice's template may otherwise result in errors, preventing the system from generating invoice PDFs.

You can find and edit invoice templates in Settings/Templates -> Invoices tab.

You can find three files attached to this article:

  • Invoice Line Items - Grouped By Account - This snippet can be used to list all accounts in alphabetic order with all of their line items under them.
  • Invoice Summary - This snippet can be used to list the total price per Account for all of the invoice's line items. The line items themselves will not be shown.
  • Example Invoice HTML - This is the HTML code of the example invoice shown in the Invoice Summary Format article. Please note that it may not be well suited for your space and is only included here to offer an easy way to test the functionality.
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