Book A Meeting Room On Behalf Of Your Customers


Members can book rooms through the members' portal. You can also book rooms for your members or public within OfficeRnD if they make a request.


Action Items

Click on the Calendar module where you can make bookings on behalf of your members.

calendar new.png

There, you will see your bookable resources. In order to make it easier for you, we introduced filters that will allow you to quickly find and book the resource that meets best yours or your members’ needs.

  • Resource Type Filter - This filter allows a single-select of a bookable resource type. When a resource type is selected only the resources of this type will be visualized in the scheduler.
  • Locations Filter - This filter allows a multi-selection of locations and will visualize bookable resources only allocated to the selected locations. 

Note: If the global location filter is initially used (to filter only one location) then the location filter in the Calendar selection will not be displayed.

  • Availability Filter - This filter allows you to choose a specific date and time for your booking. You can select ‘From’ and 'To' Date and Time. Only resources available within the full selected period will be visualized in the scheduler.
  • Capacity Filter - This filter allows a single-select of resource capacity. Only resources with equal or larger of the selected capacity will be visualized in the scheduler.

NOTE: When applying multiple filters, the system will show you only rooms that are matching all the selected criteria through the filters.

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