How to Change a Dedicated Desk to a Hotdesk

Every now and then you might have to turn one of your dedicated desks into a hotdesk, or vice versa. In that case, the most important prerequisite is to ensure the dedicated desk historical data is reserved in the system. 

  1. Open the floorplan (Space/Locations) and select the dedicated desk.
  2. Click Edit and put an end date on the Available line. Update the resource. 
  3. Click Change and select the -No Resource- option from the drop-down. With this step, you remove the resource from the floorplan but it will remain in your list of dedicated desks for historical record-keeping purposes. 
  4. Select the now-empty desk shape and click Add to create a hot-desk resource.

What if I don't need t keep the historical data?

If you don't need to keep the historical data of the resource, you can follow these next steps:

  1. Navigate to Space/Desks and find the desks you want to remove.
  2. For each desk, use its cogwheel to find the Delete option.
  3. Delete the desk along with its historical data. 
  4. Open the floorplan and find the now-empty desk shapes. 
  5. Select each one separately and click Add to create a hot-desk resource.
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