Secondary Permission Role

The secondary permission role functionality enables community managers from different locations to have cross-location visibility of each others' member base, even if they don’t have access to all locations. 

The secondary role allows a teammate to have one particular role for one or a few locations and be able to View the other locations without being able to adjust them.mceclip2.png

Secondary Roles


The teammate can view all sections in the other locations under their secondary role as per the ones enabled in their primary role. For E.g. a teammate with primary role Owner enabled in Location 1 and secondary role of Viewer in Location 2 will be able to see all sections. If they had a Center manager role for Location 1 and Viewer in Location 2, they would not be able to see Settings, as per their primary role.


The only edit actions which remain possible under the secondary role are:

In a company/member’s profile:

  • Cancel Membership

  • Merge (company only) - the button will appear only in company profiles you can edit as per your primary role

Company Example A exists in Location A and in Location B, your primary role gives you access to Location A only and Viewer access to Location B.

  1. Opening Example A from Locаtion A and clicking on Merge does not show Example A from Location B in the dropdown of customers because it is not from the primary role’s location

  2. Opening Example A from Location B and clicking on Merge shows Example A from Location A. The merge will archive the company from the primary location but any other actions for Example A in Location B will be limited to what is allowed under the Viewer secondary role.

  • Add, edit & delete - Memberships, Fees, Invoices, Credit notes, Overpayments, Comments. Performing these actions is possible only for locations enabled through the primary role.

  • Credits and day passes can be added, edited, deleted, and used from any location.

  • The sidebar information (eg day passes or payment details) is visible in view-only mode for Viewers but they will not see any of the billing document/membership/fees information for the locations they are a Viewer of.

To view members and companies from the locations under the secondary role, “All Locations” should be selected in the global location filter. This will list members and companies from all locations (the teammate has any access to) in the respective Community section grids


The rest of the sections show actions and data only if available through the primary role. Examples include:

  • Export - this will be available for members/companies in locations under the primary role for which the teammate has export rights, as well as members/companies from locations for which the teammate has secondary viewer rights.

  • The Global Locations Filter will continue to list only the locations visible under the main role.

  • Global search will search for companies and members in all locations

  • Global search will show only invoices from the primary role location/s (invoices from the locations permitted through the secondary role will not be shown)

  • Reports, dashboard, resources, and calendar will show only data from the primary role location/s

  • In any dialogues, you will see only the locations from your primary role location (Add member, Add company, Add membership, Add invoice, Add fee ...)

No Access

The teammate won’t have any access to member/company information in the remaining locations which were not selected in the primary role.

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