Phone Support & Fair Usage Policy


If you have an Ultimate Support Package, you will be able to directly reach our customer support team. Before making the call, have your OfficeRnD customer number and review the scope of service to understand how our team will be able to assist you. Your customer number helps us to match your call with your profile in OfficeRnD which greatly reduces the time for customer identification.


How To Find Your OfficeRnD Customer Number

Reach out to and we'll provide the number. 

Support Phone Numbers

USA & Canada

You can call our support team toll-free at +1 888 307 1053.

Support team availability: 08:00 - 20:00 EDT Mon - Fri

United Kingdom

You can call our support team toll-free at +44-8000668187.

Support team availability: 08:00 - 19:00 GMT Mon - Fri

Scope of Service

The phone support line is opened to allow you to escalate an open ticket, inform us of a critical issue, or get an update on an existing support case. While our team will do everything possible to address all your questions, the phone line is not the best channel for investigating issues, which is why we would recommend using it in the following cases:

  • To report a Critical - SEV 1 issue on the platform,  preventing the platform from functioning normally and there is no workaround to enable you to continue executing your business operations.
  • To report a Restricted Operations - SEV 2 issue that may restrict the usage of the platform but does not prevent it from operating.
  • The platform stopped working for your organization or you experience system downtime. You have checked the OfficeRnD Status Page and it states all systems seem operational. Call our team to alerts us of the situation and we'll start investigating it. 
  • To get a status update on a submitted ticket. 
  • To raise the severity of an already submitted ticket. 
  • To ask us a quick general question on how a feature or a process works in OfficeRnD.

Fair Usage Policy 

As a part of our commitment to provide excellent quality and reliable service to all our existing and new customers, OfficeRnD has a fair usage policy that governs the phone support service. The fair usage policy contains usage guidelines for OfficeRnD customers using the phone support services to ensure that customers use the service reasonably and are aware of any additional support charges they may become subject to. 

Why Do We Have a Fair Usage Policy?

While we encourage customers to take advantage of our phone support services, we want to make sure that we are able to provide the most effective service to all our customers. If a single customer places very high demands on the support service over the phone, then it is possible that this will affect the experience for other users.

What are the Fair Usage Policy Limits? 

The usage of the OfficeRnD phone support line is monitored on a continuous basis. Only customers that consistently generate exceptionally high loads over a sustained period of time will be affected by the fair usage policy. This is currently defined as per the limits detailed below, although OfficeRnD reserves the right to amend these limits.

Support calls that go over 20 minutes will be subject to this policy unless the support specialist deems it necessary to have a long phone conversation while working towards the successful resolution of the call. OfficeRnD reserves the right to ask customers who exceed the 20-minute limit to schedule a troubleshooting screen-sharing session if the context of the phone conversation requires additional investigation on the customer side. 

Customers can phone up to 16 telephone support tickets each month, per account paying for phone support. Support time over that limit may be subject to review and additional charges.

Customers who use the phone support service as a training tool will be asked to schedule a training session with our product specialists. Review our training packages for more details. 

What Happens if You Are Affected by the Fair Usage Policy?

If you are affected, we will contact your account holder by telephone or by email to inform them that your usage is excessive and is affecting other customers. We will discuss with them your support needs and the alternative solutions we can offer to address them. If your usage remains excessively high, OfficeRnD reserves the right to restrict service or levy charges for excessive usage.

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