Q&A Support Session

Schedule a 1-hour screen sharing session through our support ticketing system to:

  • Demonstrate a complex issue in your environment.
  • Work with our support specialist to diagnose the issue and try to resolve it.
  • Demonstrate more complicated use cases in your environment.
  • Get advice and best practices from our support specialists.
The Dedicated Q&A Support Session service is only available with our Ultimate Support packages. Contact sales@officernd.com for more information.

Request a Session

Start by preparing your questions, use cases, or steps to demonstrate and help us replicate or understand your issues. Please be as thorough as you can in your description.

Send a support ticket from within the admin portalthe help portal, or via email and use 'Dedicated Q&A Support Session' as a subject. Include the information you prepared in the description of the ticket so that our support specialists can prepare in advance. 

Provide your availability for the upcoming working days to help us set up the meeting. 

You can also ask us to schedule a recurring Dedicated Q&A Support Session with the recurrence depending on your current support subscription

Schedule Time

Your ticket will be reviewed by our team. If your support subscription includes a dedicated support specialist, your ticket will be routed to them. 

We will then find a slot that matches our availability to yours and offer it to you. Depending on the information you provided, we might ask additional questions.

Attend the Session

You will have an hour to discuss your questions with a support specialist. They will ask questions to further understand the use case and advice you on best practices and next steps. 

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